Junior Rugby Coach Success



Charlie Hore - Rugby Coach, Maniototo RFC, NZ

Meet Charlie Hore,

He's a junior rugby team coach,

Smart guy too...

He knows success is when rugby practice is fun, and players get lots of skill attempt opportunities.  

"Keeping players engaged in fun rugby action is the trick"


To be a better rugby coach,

Charlie got a big sack of balls for his team.

So his players get lots of time

  • Practicing

  • Having Fun

  • Improving

Hey Coach, if you haven't got enough rugby balls...

for all your players to be in the action and having fun.

You’ve been set up to fail.

To feel frustrated, stuck and embarrassed.

You don’t have to feel like this.

Pitching Tips:

When a prospective sponsor asks you…

Get rugby balls made with your colours and logos

Minimum Batch Order - Just 10 Balls!


2. Get a quote


3. Get custom rugby balls