The Proven Plan To Score Rugby Balls.

It's simple and saves you time. 

Proven Hack for Community Rugby Success


Dan Robinson (community rugby man)

President of Rangers Rugby Club, Motueka, NZ.

Meet 'rugby man' Dan Robinson.

Dan scored club branded rugby balls for his club and community. For Free - I'll tell you more about the "free part" in just a mo...

If you look a little deeper, Dan did more than score cool rugby balls. 

Dan really scored opportunity, connection and success for his community. 

Empowering coaches and players matters most when it comes to successful club and scool rugby.

Dan did just that, he gave each of his coaches a generous sack of rugby balls. So they could coach with confidence and with lots of fun coaching  options.

No more boring, wait line line, get cold rugby pratices for the Rangers rugby players.

With great ideas like this Rangers are a small club that provide BIG community value.That’s great for Dan's community and for rugby because:

If clubs like Rangers RFC ( and yours ) don’t offer fun, value and community connection ... they can wither … even die. And that'd be sad.

Generous community contributors (like you) deserve a modern time saving solution - that'll speed you towards feeling great and getting the results you're after.

Not wasting hours of your precious time, time that you'll never get back. Doing confusing gear ordering jobs, like sorting sizes, chasing money and generally getting the run around and feeling out of control.

I know how it feels being stuck and frustarted organizing for clubs and groups.

So I've poured out my heart, and racked my brains (and a lot of other people's brain's too). To create a gear getting soloution system built especially for you.

Its all about Making It Easy For You. So you can connect your ideas direct to the factory floor and make them real and beneficial in your community. All with the least amount of time sucking pain and worry that you'd otherwise endure if you were organizing custom gear the old fashioned way.


When you take action and get custom rugby balls for your coaches and players.

Compounding Positive Benefits Stack Up

Better Coaching. Your coaches' will feel the love first. There is a Special Coaching Bonus Included for them  With new and numerous balls, they can now coach better. More ball touches, more skill attempts. More fun and exciting games and drills all open up for coaches. Heck, your coaches may well be the most important (an unfortunately often the most taken for granted) piece of your community rugby pie. They'll feel special when you set them up for success.

Rugby Fun. No player wants to go back to the grim old days of running boring laps and just 3 or 4 balls at practice. Players these days want rugby fun. With more balls, more fun options open up for players and coaches to enjoy.

Club Membership Numbers Grow. That's what happens when you empower coaches to be better, and you make it easier for them to succeed and when players are having rugby fun.

When I coached, and was club captain and chairman of the Southern Junior RFC, Me and my club mates grew our club from 4 teams (less than 60 junior players to more than 220 players in just 7 short years. We used this branded ball method to set our coaches up for fun and to succeed. They felt appreciated and loved getting their big bags of balls to train their team.


You'll Connect Local Business Sponsors In A Meaningful and Way. The right local business (target your sponsors smartly) will feel great about contributing to community sport, health and well being. Believe me, they are out there, hoping you'll ask them to get involved.


Clubs Finances in a Better Position. With free balls, you're saving money - gotta love that.


You'll Get A Surge In Feel Good Club Spirit. Positive club spirit is a powerful driver for succcess and for fun. Empower your coaches, connect your pepole, make rugby fun for your players and turn up the club spirit in your community. 



And here is some helpful pitching tips:

When a prospective sponsor asks you…



At Gladstone rugby club, we want to set our kids and coaches up for fun and opportunity.

One way we do it, is we gift each of our players their very own Glady rugby ball, for rugby fun and practice.

It's high excitement.

Our Sponsors make it happen. It's sponsors logos and club logo on the balls - everyones happy.

It was easy to organize and cost our club zero money. We are definitly doing it again, other clubs should do it to".


Nicki Jollife, Gladstone Junior Rugby Club. 


When You Order Custom Branded Balls Here

This is exactly what you get.

Custom Branding. Your colours and logos big and bold and all about you and your sponsors.

customized ball

Express Manufacturing. You'll tap into an express manufacturing process that's the fastest on the market that'll deliver custom balls to you usually within 7 weeks from order. 

express manufacturing

Performance Qualified Balls. LeslieRugby balls are the offical match ball to 9 NZ provinical rugby unions and more than 300 rugby clubs and rugby playing schools.


Performance Authority and R&D



Me, Jeff Wilson and Tony Brown,

Agreed the best ball for club and school rugby. Would be one that encourages running rugby and a gives hope and glory to team kickers.

We got busy testing and manufacturing. And now our rugby balls perform with 

  • Long lasting grip to encourage skillful rugby,
  • Acurate pass range for running rugby,
  • 50 meter kick flight range* to compliment competitive team rugby. *Too much kick range at community rugby level can make match day a kick fest, and that's not what we're after. JW, TB, JL 
Image Image

International courier shipping to you, wherever you are.

 7 week leadtime from order to delivery - best in market. 

rugby training

Shipping to New Zealand

 Seiichi Mukai  PR  Munakata Sanix Blues  Fukuoka  Japan

Shipping to Japan 

We designed our ball. We got a quote. We made the order.

Balls arrived 5 weeks from order date.

Seiichi Mukai. PR, Munakata Sanix Blues, Fukuoka, Japan

Richard america rugby

Shipping to North America 

Shipping information was clear.

 I picked our rugby balls up no problem the're AWESOME !!!!

Rick Potter. Marauders Rugby Club Colorado, USA

south korea rugby

Shipping to South Korea

The Han River Pirates rugby club balls were delivered by courier. 

The kids went crazy for them. 

You're Safe and your Money is Guaranteed - details here

Digital Rugby Coaching Bonus with every order ! 

This is what real community rugby coaches are saying


 "When I'm sorted with plenty of rugby balls, and a coaching plan to follow I'm feeling confident". Charlie Hore, Rugby Coach


"We get rugby ready with balls and coaching resources. It feels great setting our up coaches for success".

Rob Stout, Junior Coach & Southern Junior RFC Gear Organizer.

Sponsors love community connection. - Don't be shy just ask them nice to be your sponsor 


" It's awesome to connect and give community value

Gerald Davies, GM Superior Minerals Ltd.

These satisfied clients are saying


"I started by adding basic logos and colours in the ball designer. Then I was helped out by the LeslieRugby art team. We collaborated... and this happened!"

Rick Potter - Marauders' Rugby USA


"Our school logo and motto on rugby balls is a winner with our players and coaches"

Andrew Reynolds-Rowe - Director of Sport at Huntley School


"We like to be bold, have fun on our official Wellington RFU match and training balls

Our sponsors love it."

Shane Binnie , Wellington RFU

Hi I’m John Leslie,

 I’ve been helping club organizers successfully get custom rugby balls for more than 10 years.

Now I've got a NEW, PROVEN custom product portal

I'd love to share it and make it easy for you to get seroius rugby value for your people and community.

It’s Simple - It works like this:



3. Get Your Custom Rugby Balls.


And Helpful Bonus Pitching Tips:

When a prospective sponsor asks you…