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Glen Sinclair

CEO Otago University Rowing Club

glem sinclair otago university rowing

Feel Like a Podium Crew 


Promote your club and the sport of rowing

  • Look like a club in style. 
  • Feel warm and snug on chilly regatta days and at early morning training.
  • Be sun smart and protected on scorching summer days.
  • Wear your jersey for years because they're durable and comfy.
  • Show your club mates your're thinking about them and helping them get sorted.   
  • Rowing jerseys are great for club spirit. 
  • They're now easy to organize.
Get your Rowing Club Jerseys Here

Each jersey comes with these features

  • Your Original Knit Design
  • Plush Embroidery
  • Rowing Oars Insignia
  • Your Club Crest
  • Personalized Initials
  • Large Cuffs That Feel Sooo Soft
  • A Sun Smart Collar
  • Constructed From Best Grade Fabrics
kavanagh college



Fully Custom

individual detailing


Individual Detailing

rowing club
rowing oars

Oars Graphic on Sleeve

nelson college jersey

Your Crest

emily rades

Emily Rades

We love the big cuffs, collar and our custom design, so cool.

Emily Rades

otago boys crest

Tina Fridd

Getting jerseys used to be difficult for us to organise and order.

But now we get our’s from LeslieRugby, and they make it easy for us. 

Our school loves it when their jerseys arrive and they get to put them on for the first time.

Tina Fridd

Office Manager

Otago Boys High School 


What do I get? dd14

Your crest

Your design dcab

Your colours

Individual initials

Long sleeves with big cuffs

Cross over oars graphic on sleeve 

A free quote dcdd

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