Training size 5

Designed for team and individual ball skill training
Enduring grip compound
Premium hand stitched for shape retention.
Super hi tech bladder for longer lasting air retention

Only $21.85 per ball for order over 100 units

$24.50 NZD

Bulk Product Offers

Min BuyMax BuyOffer
1 99 24.50 NZD Fixed Price
100 299 21 NZD Fixed Price
300 499 19 NZD Fixed Price
500 999 18 NZD Fixed Price
1000 - 17 NZD Fixed Price
Design this gear

Designed for team and individual ball skill training

Community rugby is a cool thing we do.
But sometimes it’s difficult to coach and excite players.

If players are standing round, freezing.
Not getting lots of fun action and skill attempts.
It’s kind of impossible to get them excited.

Want to sort this problem easy?

Save the day for your rugby coaches and players.

Picture this


All your coaches resourced and ready with enough balls so players are in the action,
Not waiting, getting bored, freezing. 

With plenty of rugby balls,

Your coaches will feel better.

They’ll have more options.

They’ll coach better

Players in the action, enjoying rugby fun, keeping warm.

That’s what we want.

Make your club a fun place to be.

Design this gear

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