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Yes, we ship internationally

LeslieRugby is based in New Zealand with manufacturing completed in India and shipped internationally, directly to you.

Shipping can take between 3-6 weeks depending on where you are - we will keep you informed every step of the way.


South Korea

The Han River Pirates Balls came through the product design and made their own balls, got a quote and confirmed their order - easy.

I want custom rugby balls


These are AMAZING!!!!

Marauders Rugby Club Colorado USA

I picked them up, they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Richard A. Potter

I want custom rugby balls
 Seiichi Mukai  PR  Munakata Sanix Blues  Fukuoka  Japan


It was easy to get custom branded rugby balls to Japan.

We made the design, got a quote,

Then I made the order.

Balls arrived fast.

Less 4 weeks from order date.

Seiichi Mukai, PR, Munakata Sanix Blues, Fukuoka, Japan

I want custom rugby balls

Picture this:

Rugby balls with your club and sponsors logos for your players and coaches.


2. Get a free quote


3. Get custom rugby balls

Rick Potter started designing customized rugby balls for his Marauders Rugby Club of Colorado by simply adding basic logos and colours into our ball designer.

Our art team then colaborated and this is how Ricks Marauders rugby balls finished up.

Rick Potter - Marauderers

Andrew Reynolds-Rowe - Director of Sport at Huntley School

"Having our school, logo and motto on our rugby balls is a hit with our players and coaches"

"We like to stand out and so do our sponsors.

Now we design and brand our rugby balls with fun and flair.

Our sponsors love it and LeslieRugby makes it easy"

Shane Binnie Wellington RFU

Image copyright Dave Lintoff 2016  

You too can easily get your own custom branded rugby balls.

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LeslieRugby balls come with a 100% unconditional money back guarantee.  

That means your custom branded balls will perform to the same high spec standards of our partner New Zealand provincial rugby unions for match play and training.  

If yours don't, just let me know why at and I'll refund your money 100%. 


Ball Performance and R&D

Me and my rugby mates, qualified rugby experts Tony Brown and Jeff Wilson have designed the perfect rugby ball for Club and school rugby.

When we asked rugby clubs and rugby people "what do you want in a perfect club rugby ball?"

You told us you want a ball with:

  1. Custom branding
  2. Long lasting grip
  3. A 50M long-distance kick range.

The cool thing is, we agree.
So that's what we've done

  • Jeff Wilson
    Ex All Black Kicker

  • Tony Brown Ex All Black Kicker

Who am I? Why should you listen to me? 

Hi I'm John Leslie, I'm a rugby man, first a player then since hanging my playing boots up, I've been a community rugby volunteer and contributor. I've been a senior club rugby coach, junior rugby coach and club captain and chairman at my local club.  

Now I coach high school rugby and present live coaching demonstrations showing junior rugby coaches how to coach rugby the fun, modern way.

When I organized branded rugby balls at my junior rugby club, these amazing things happened: Player registrations skyrocketed - we went from 60 kids to 220 kids registered in just a few short years. Team coaches were better resourced and had more coaching options Players had more time in rugby action and more fun Sponsors logos were branded on the balls and our sponsors paid for our club balls !!! Custom branded rugby balls worked for me and they'll work for you too. 

Now I specialize in manufacturing custom branded rugby gear.

Since 2005 I've supplied over 200,000 custom branded rugby balls for thousands of rugby clubs, players, coaches and sponsors world wide.

How you can get free custom rugby balls

Download your free PDF that'll show you the exact method I used to pitch sponsors to brand on and pay for rugby branded balls. It worked for me and it'll work for you too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are New Zealand Rugby's guidelines for size of the ball to best suit age / grade of players.

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