Excite Customers, Win Friends, brand rugby balls with your biz logo
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Gerald Davies & Superior Minerals Biz Branded Rugby Ballls. - "It felt great" 

If you want to be rugby relevant in 2019.

Get rugby balls branded with your biz logo

Supprise and excite your best customers, and your local community.


  • Excite your best customers

  • Your logos and colours 100%

  • It’s fast and affordable and feels great

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Kerry Wallace
Fulcrum Equipment - Sales & Customer Service

"Sharing a magic moment with our best customers
Leads to a more personal and relaxed relationship, and that's good for business.

If my customers or their kids, are into rugby,
Giving them a biz branded ball - it excites them.
Then we usually go on to chat about their kids and rugby, and that’s cool, and it's nice for me to get on this level with them.

If my customers aren't much into rugby,
Giving them a biz branded ball is novel and surprises them.
I tell them to go make some kids day. Gift them a ball, it’s fun.
Getting on at this level with our customers is a winner for me and our our business".

When You Order Custom Branded Balls Here
This is exactly what you get.

Custom Branding. Artists and printers will go to work for you. Your balls will be printed bright and bold and exactly how you want them. Your logo's and colours. All about you.


Express Manufacturing. You'll tap into the express manufacturing process that's the fastest on the market that'll deliver custom branded balls to you within 7 weeks from your order.


Performance Qualification. LeslieRugby balls are offical match and training  ball to 9 provinical rugby unions and more than 300 rugby clubs and rugby playing schools throughout New Zealand. Proven and accepted in he most hard core rugby performance country on planet earth.

Performance Authority and R&D.

Me, Jeff Wilson and Tony Brown,
We went deep, thinking about the best ball for club and school rugby. That encourages running rugby and a gives hope and glory to team kickers, so rugby's and all the players are the winners 🙂 

We got busy testing and manufacturing. Now our rugby balls perform with

✓Long lasting grip to encourage skillful rugby,
✓Acurate pass range for running rugby,

✓50ish meter kick flight range* to compliment competitive team rugby. Too much kick range at community rugby level can make match day a kick fest, and that's not what we're after. JW, TB, JL.

* WARNING:  50+ meter kicking flight range gets smashed by some players.  I'm talking about, the big guns, the commanding kickers, they do it often. It can be done,  but not by everyone. - that's what  community rugby wants. 

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Shipping to you, wherever you are.

7 week leadtime from order to delivery - best in market.
Shipping to New Zealand
Shipping to Japan
We designed our ball. We got a quote. We made the order.
Balls arrived 5 weeks from order date.
Seiichi Mukai. PR, Munakata Sanix Blues, Fukuoka, Japan.
Shipping to North America
Shipping information was clear.
I picked our rugby balls up no problem the're AWESOME !!!!
Rick Potter. Marauders Rugby Club Colorado, USA
Shipping to South Korea
The Han River Pirates rugby club balls were delivered by courier.
The kids went crazy for them.
You're Safe and your Money is Guaranteed - details here

Its always good to hear from you . if you have any question, feel free to contact us. 

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