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If you’re excited about welcoming your new 2019 students,

But you’re less than excited about organizing your 2019 college apparel.

I understand how you feel.

Because, if you’re not set up smartly, your college apparel organising job WILL BLOW OUT, and become time consuming and complicated for you.

You doing all the work, You taking all the risk. You having to respond to 100's of questions about details and requests. Then when the whole thing drags on, you'll be frustrated and stressed.That's a painful use of your time and your mind.

Good News is , now there is a modern and proven solution made for you to get the gear you want.

This will work for you, because its a proven service and system made for people exactly like you. 


This is what people like you are saying about this, easy way to order and get your group gear.

Glen Sinclair

CEO Otago University Rowing Club

rowing oars glen sinclair

Ryan Dowling

Uniform Organizer for the Maniototo Big Bash Cricket Tournament 6 Teams - 120 Individuals. 

ryan dowling maniototo big bash

If you’re keen to get  real benefits for You and your College

You are going to love this new way of making your students feel special.


Design & Get Your College Gear

Hi I’m John Leslie,

 I’ve been helping group organizers successfully get gear for groups and clubs   for more than 10 years.

 Now I've got a NEW, PROVEN, TECHNOLOGY FORWARD gear ordering   system, That I'd love to share with You.

 It’s Simple - It works like this:

john leslie

Belonging at your University College - It’s special, it’s fraternity for life.

You have the privilege and the power to make this lifetime milestone association with your College even more special.

When You Promote Your College, You Love Your Students.

"Picture This"

  • Your 2019 Students feeling great

    Wearing college gear made perfect for them, just the way they and you want it

  • Your College logos & style proudly on show

  • Students identifying together for spirit & success

  • Its being super easy & modern for you to organize

  • Easy for your students and alumni to order online

  • Students Selecting their personalized detailing

  • Freedom

    For each student to order as many garments as they want, or as few as they need.

  • No Waste, no stock management or inventory nightmare

  • Easy administration for you

  • No pressure on your students. no pressure on you,

And every single piece of apparel being 100% satisfaction guaranteed or a full 100% money back refund.


Each garment comes especially detailed and custom made with your Features.


  • Your College crest, logos and insignia

  • Your Unique design and art work

  • Your Colours to match your College

  • Personalized initials and size option on every garment

  • Easy Ordering for individual online

  • Every order for every garment comes with a 100% money back full refund guarantee

Your garments will be be unique and worn for years to come.

Don’t settle for you doing all the old fashioned heavy lifting, time-consuming, high stress work… It’ll get you down.

Take action now, get started, click and choose, you’ll be glad you did.  You’ll get full support when you do.

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