Hi Club Gear Organiser,

Thanks for your previous orders of club branded gear.

Now, LeslieRugby can set you up your very own Club Gear Shop

With gear you’ve chosen and designed that your club mates can buy online.

I want a club shop Learn More

The bad thing about getting club gear sorted is previously It took someone (probably you)

Time and Effort...

Chasing people, phone calls and a whole lot of stuff that was niggly and a pain in the **** for you.

Chasing people for money and order details sucks


Especially if people change their mind or they have a thousand questions…

Heck you’ve got better things to do with your time

Now LeslieRugby has a special offer

Made Especially For You,

So you don’t have to break your back or fry your mind  

An offer To Save you Time.

So your club mates can get the gear they want easy and accurately

With zero amount of ball breaking time wasting administration and chasing people from you.

It’s Easy  and It Works

Otago Boys High School started their own online shop

  1. They requested designs to get started
  2. Worked with LeslieRugby to confirm there designs
  3. Put up a club shop for individuals to pay online
  4. Promoted their shop with marketing material

They didn't know how many orders they would get

But still sold ten's of garments

And didn't have to hold any cash

Here's how you can start


Choose the garments you think your club would like and tell us your main team colours, below.


We’ll then work with you so you can design your gear how you want it.


Then we'll set up your Club Gear Online Shop shop so individuals pay online.


We’ll send you marketing info so your people know where to go for their club gear.


Choose the garments you think your club would like.

Its easy, scroll down and click on what products you'd like to see mockups for.