Make Club Success Happen

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Partner with LeslieRugby for team wear.
✓ Players and supporters feeling great and looking sharp.
✓ Massive benefits for your club.
✓ Easy administration.
✓ Coaching bonus.

It’s a generous thing you do

Contributing to your club and community.

Giving your time, energy and love.


The last thing you want

Is to get stuck with complicated, unorganised gear ordering,

Messy administration, and to feel the stress and frustration that goes with all that.

If having your club people

Feeling great and looking sharp in club-branded team wear and apparel,

And getting benefits for your club is what you’re about,

I’m thrilled to tell you,

About a modern online club gear ordering system and offer from LeslieRugby

That’s been designed especially for you and your club.

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Get the gear you want and the club and lifestyle benefits you’ll love.