Badass Rugby Balls



Rick Potter - Mauraders' Key Guy

Mauraders Rugby Club, USA.

Wanted match and training rugby balls


"Badass Marauders RC designs and logos.

And sponsor logos too".

Rick Potter was the Marauders' key guy

  • Rick got a quote

  • Rick sarted his ball design

  • We helped Rick with the artwork

And this happened,


Sea Freight Special

Special closes 19 October.

After the 19th ball quoted prices revert to more expensive air freight prices.

Here’s the plan

Get your ball design started now, we'll help you along the way.

You'll get the best deal, It's easy:

  • Save up to $8 per ball.

  • Order your batch of branded rugby balls before October 19th 2018.

  • Delivery in March next year.

Save Big

'cause, we'll ship your balls to NZ by Sea.

  • Get a quote

  • Design your ball (we will help)

  • Place your order by October 19th