Resource your rugby coaches with customised rugby balls

Resource Rugby Coaches with Customised Rugby Balls

Resource Rugby Coaches with Customized Rugby Balls  

When my son Jack was 6 years old he asked me if he could play rugby. Sure I said, and we headed off to the Southern RFC in Dunedin. I wanted to contribute to my son’s rugby experience, so when I was asked to coach his team, I agreed. It was 2007 and I had recently finished my professional rugby career.
I was confident and well versed in pro rugby. So I thought that coaching a kid’s team would be easy, and I would be awesome, and the kids would love me, and… I WAS WRONG, I Bombed!
A major problem for me was that I was under-resourced. When I accepted the role of team coach I was given 3 old rugby balls, a whistle and 14 kids to shape into a team.

As a volunteer junior rugby team coach, the lack of resource the club gave me made me feel unappreciated.

I knew from my professional rugby days that to succeed you need to be resourced with core training tools. And the number one training and skill acquisition tool for rugby is quite simply rugby balls, and having enough of them to get all your players engaged is key.
We got enough balls to resource all of our team coaches like this;
We engaged with local businesses and asked them to become sponsors of our junior rugby club. Their return on investment was their business logo printed on customized rugby balls which would be used to directly benefit the players and coaches of our club. Our sponsors loved this and we confirmed sponsorship to pay for 100 balls in just two days.
On arrival of our customized rugby balls, our coaches were thrilled, they said they felt empowered. Now they had the key resource to engage their team players in meaningful rugby practice action.
“Our Havelock North coaches love getting new branded team training balls at the start of the season, it gives them tons of coaching options and it is a great way to make them feel valued and appreciated”
– Mat Arcus, Club Captain, Havelock North RFC

As rugby decision makers and community contributors, we want things made easy for us. We are already busy people.

So for You, I have made a super cool brand new tool that makes it easy and fast to design customized rugby balls with your club logo and colours and sponsor logos too. You can also receive an official quote and even place your order immediately.  You can now do in minutes what used to take hours.

Since 2006 LeslieRugby has delivered over 100,000 customized rugby balls to 100’s of clubs and schools to benefit rugby players, coaches, sponsors and community spirit. I’ve travelled to India (the home of rugby ball manufacturing, yes this is true) almost every year since to ensure that the product I deliver performs at a world class standard and grassroots rugby value.

Yours in Grassroots Rugby

John Leslie