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Customized Rugby Ball Sponsorship Hack

Get started here


Get started here

Customized Rugby Ball Sponsorship Hack


Customized rugby balls can grow playing numbers at your club and empower your team coaches and players to practice rugby the modern and enjoyable way.

If you know this, and you love this customized rugby ball concept. But are you are holding back because you are short on money and time? If you are, I understand.

So for You, I have made a super cool brand new tool that makes it easy and fast to design customized rugby balls with your club logo and colours and sponsor logos too. You can also receive an official quote and even place your order immediately. You can now do in minutes what used to take hours.

Hack customized rugby balls now with this 4 step method it is fast and easy. 

step 1. Design your customized rugby balls here – your colours logos and sponsor logos too.

step 2. Request a quote for how many customized rugby balls you want.

step 3. Fill in the gaps to this script and forward with ball design it to prospective sponsors.

step 4. Follow up with sponsors and close.

Then order your customized rugby balls from


custom rugby balls

I know this hack works, because I used it myself year after year to make customized rugby balls happen for us at the Southern Junior RFC between 2007-2013 when I was a team coach, club captain and junior club chairman. In these 7 years,

  • We grew our junior playing numbers from just 60 kids to over 220.
  • Our coaching ranks transformed from a small rabble of despondent individuals to a hearty band of club mates. And our teams emerged from easy beats to competitive and sometimes even champions.
  • We engaged with our community and delivered rugby value.

Customized rugby balls were a major factor for making all of these positive things happen for us.





Since 2006 LeslieRugby have delivered over 100,000 branded rugby balls to 100’s of clubs and schools in NZ and around the world to benefit players, coaches, sponsors and community spirit. I work closley with rugby stars to make sure LeslieRugby balls perform at a world class standard and deliver grassroots rugby value.

Your Colours – Your Logos – Your Sponsors – Your Happy Players

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