Free Junior rugby coaching videos from John Leslie

Free Videos and Junior Rugby Team Coaching Success

Wow, I’ve just completed my 2016 junior rugby team coaching tour of NZ. I have presented to more than 1100 junior team coaches in 50 locations throughout NZ since March 2016.


Thanks for the many humbling testimonials. I am stoked to be of genuine value to junior rugby coaches and players.

Free junior rugby coaching videos

Click the button below for free rugby coaching videos. These will help you successfully train your rugby kid or a small group of rugby kids. Scroll down and have a look around, I hope you get good value. FYI LeslieRugby will be adding more rugby coaching videos so stay tuned if you like this stuff.

One on One and Small Group rugby coaching skill drills.

Rugby Skills for Success

My junior rugby team coaching philosophy promotes core rugby skill development. And my junior rugby team coaching experience has taught me that skill improvement is best achieved by setting your players up for 100’s of core rugby skill attempts at your team practices. see how you can train your kids team 100’s of core rugby skills here on this Junior Team Coaching Success Video

Accelerated rugby team skill learning is impossible without enough rugby balls for your players. A minimum of 10 balls per junior team training is required for real success (I find 12-15 balls works best for me). When you have this quantity of balls available your kids can be constantly in rugby action and attempting and improving their skills.

All the best and at your service,

John Leslie

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