The Rugby Fashion Revival of the Moustache vs The Gilles Kaka Top Knot

They say fashion goes in cycles and one trend rising back to the apex is the Moustache/tailored beard.
The social media stream of photos from the weekends games reveal a facial hair trend that would have household 1980’s rugby icons Murray Mexted and Bernie Fraser smiling quietly over their mid-winter mulled wines. Because anyone with a tailored moustache also enjoys a mulled wine.


One trend we are not sure yet on here in the office and perhaps on the outer downward curve of the apex is what is known as the 1“top knot.”

The Top Knot can be seen as the rugby derivative and close cousin of the Hipster Man Bun. This exploded into our Rugby consciousness with Gilles Kaka from the NZ 7s team circa 2014. This particular trend is known to ruffle the feathers of any coach in NZ aged 45 and over. They simply can not compute it and find it confronting and unsettling.


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If anyone out there has a photo of a club rugby player with a Moustache AND a top knot can you please email that in to us.

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