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Rippa Rugby Bullrush for Mini Rugby Team Training

Rippa rugby bullrush is an action packed fun game for your mini rugby team.

Benefits of rippa rugby bullrush are, your mini rugby team will be practicing evasive ball running and rip tackling skills. It’s a ton of fun and it is easy for you to successfully coach.

Download your hard copy of this rugby skill game here

How To Play Rippa Rugby Bullrush:

  • There are two groups of players, Ball Runners and Defenders.
  • The Ball Runners objective is to run and dodge past the Defenders without being rip tackled, all the way to the try line.
  • The Defenders objective is to chase the Ball Runners and to rip tackle them before they make it to the try line.

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Rippa Rugby Bullrush Coaching Tips and Rules.

  1. As the mini rugby team coach, start the game by being in the middle yourself. Your role is to keep the game flowing and the kids moving. Do this by making quick and smart choices of what cluster of Ball Runners are to set off.  By setting off groups of Ball Runners rather than individual ball runners one at a time guarantees more time in action for your players.
  2. Ball Runners are to carry rugby balls as they run and dodge.
  3. Ball Runners are to score a rugby try when they cross the try line.
  4. When a Ball Runner is rip tackled, he joins the Defenders.
  5. When a Ball Runner runs out, he joins the Defenders.

Bonus Tear Saving Tip

During the latter stages of rippa rugby bullrush games, your Defenders will push forward and crowd the Ball Runners so they cannot get a fair running start. To sort this, pull your Defenders back into the middle and set them lying prone on the turf (or if it is wet and cold, set them on one knee). Then shout “Go” for the  Ball Runners to Run. This positioning opens up the game and creates space and saves tears too.

Rippa rugby bullrush is Full Time when,

All the ball runners have been rip tackled or when the last single Ball Runner makes it successfully past all the defenders and scores a try.

For successful rippa rugby bullrush you will require this rugby resource, rippa rugby set,  size 2.5 rugby balls,  field marker discs, a whistle and a multiple ball net bag to keep it all tidy.

Enjoy and rip it up!