High Ball Leap and Catch Rugby Skill Drill

Train your rugby kid to high ball leap and catch with this rugby skill drill, 

Download your High Ball Leap and Catch Rugby Skill Drill coaching card here

The ball catcher and the ball feeder are to distance themselves apart.

Ball Feeder

It is key to flight the ball so the ball catcher can run onto the ball and to leap to catch it.

Ball Catcher

Run towards the ball with soft agile feet and leap confidently to catch the ball at the peak of your leap.

Angle your body side-on at time of leap take off, this gives you protection and braces you for impact against oncoming opposition players.

Lift your front knee during your leap. This is to protect the ball catcher and give them space against oncoming opposition players.

Keep your eyes fixed on the ball.

Hands just above your eye line.

Make a basket with your arms, hands, fingers and chest for the ball to land in.

Have fingers spread and soft hands at catch point.

Wrap the ball tight for a clean successful catch.