Safe tackling rugby skill drill

Safe Tackling Rugby Skill Drill

Safe Tackling Rugby Skill Drill

This is a great safe tackling rugby skill drill that coaches tackle technique and boosts player confidence. It is particularly valuable for coaching junior rugby players and players new to rugby.

Download your Safe Rugby Tackling Skill Drill hard copy coaching card here

Set the ball runner and the tackler just two to four meters apart and have them lying prone on the ground facing each other.  The ball runner is to have a rugby ball placed just in front of him.

Safe Rugby tackling to prevent concussion rugby coaching junior diagram

On the coaches “GO” command both players are to race to their feet. The ball runner is to gather the ball and run forward and the tackler to advance forward in preparation to tackle. Encourage soft quick feet from both players for balance and agility.

Key things to practice,

At the time of the tackle, it is most important that the tacklers head is positioned safely to the side of the on coming ball runners hip. “Cheek on Cheek” is an easy way to remember this safe head position. Cheek on Cheek is when the tacklers face cheek presses against the ball runners butt cheek at time of tackle contact. This positioning ensures the tacklers head is safe, as it is now behind the ball runners body.  The tacklers next goal is to get his shoulder on the ball runners legs or hips and to clinch arms tight around the ball runner to complete a safe and successful tackle.

Keep the distance between the two players close, this minimizes impact and gives the tackler the advantage. And always wear a MouthGuard when tackle training.