What My Junior Rugby Team Coaching Is All About

I have just returned from presenting the first leg of my 2016 NZ Tour presenting live demonstrations with a team of local kids of how to easily and successfully train a junior rugby team.

The Junior Rugby Team Coaching Demonstrations are all about promoting the following 3 objectives:

1st objective:

    To promote these core rugby skills; ball running, taking ball into contact, ruck clear out, catching, passing and safe strong tackling.

These core rugby skills make up over 90% of the action in kids rugby. If you follow this coaching plan, each of the kids in your team will attempt more than 300 of these core rugby skills in less than one hour of training.

This is massive for skill development, just think if you did 10 of these training sessions with your team this year, that is a staggering 3000+ core rugby skill attempts for every kid in your team, now that is what I call opportunity to learn and improve.

Old fashioned kids rugby practices were all about running laps, getting stern lectures from coaches, one ball for the forwards, one for the backs, and ineffectual games and team runs that are usually  dominated by just a few players. That is the old, I encourage you get with the new and lift the skill level of all your players by using this Junior Rugby Coaching Plan – Video Here.

We know pro athletes have proven that the key to success is to master the core skills required in their sport. Here is what Stephen Curry and Jonny Wilkinson have to say about how to train.



Taking training seriously

2nd objective:

    Make it easy for junior team coaches to deliver a successful high value junior rugby team training

When I first started coaching a kids rugby team I thought it would be easy and everything would all just fall into place. I turned up without a clear plan, without resource, and tried to make up the training drill as I went. My results were a spectacular DISASTER.

I new I could get better, and over the next seven years I did. I tested and trialed skill drills that pro rugby teams use and adapted them for kids and put together a plan so I could turn up to training straight from work and give a great rugby relevant session to my team every time. now my result was SUCCESS.

My players skills improved out of sight and they were more engaged in the training session because they were always in the rugby action or getting ready for their next rugby skill attempt.

Now I’m passing on my years of junior team coaching experience to you, with the intention of saving you time and making it easy for you to successfully coach a junior rugby team.


3rd objective:

     Make rugby training enjoyable for the kids.

Rugby kids love being in rugby action, and this junior rugby team coaching plan encourages just that – Kids in Rugby Action!

This is an open invitation for you to join me at one of my upcoming junior rugby team coaching demonstrations. It is free to attend and you will receive this free coaching field book that includes all the skills, drills, training flow, field set up and management and general coaching tips.


See the latest dates and venues here

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All the best,

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John Leslie