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Rugby Fundraising | Hay Baling for $ and Fitness

Sam Aislabie (above) of the Hauraki North Rugby Club hay baling for rugby fundraising and fitness.

The Hauraki North Rugby Club are full of smart and motivated fellas, or blue bulls as they are known.

They combine rugby fundraising with preseason training by hay baling for local farmers.
It creates value for the rugby club, the farmer and the farmers livestock like this,
The club contracts itself to a farmer to lift hay bales from the land and to transport them to the farmers barn. Once landed at the barn the bales are then stacked inside for protection from the wind, rain and sun. This hay is then used by the farmer over the winter months as feed for livestock.
The price per bail ranges from about 80c to $1.50 depending on variables such as size of bale, topography and proximity of the barn from pick up point.
Sam says “we do different sized jobs, usually between 200- 2000 bales and we’ve done about 6000 bales this preseason. I know some clubs will do much more, maybe even up to and past 20,000 bales. It is a great fundraiser for us, gets us moving and fit and it is fantastic for team spirit too”.
Nice work blue bulls, have a great 2016 season
An example of  customised rugby gear we’ve done for Hauraki North Rugby