We make it easy for people like you to get customized garments and balls.

  • Modern efficient ordering

  • Your people looking sharp, feeling great

  • Easy accurate administration

  • Safe and satisfaction guaranteed


If you are in charge of ordering teamwear and gear, but you're frustrated because

Ordering your gear isn't always easy.

You're getting the run around.

You feel overwhelmed with stock and having to deal with other people's details.

You hate chasing people for money.

You're wasting too much of your never to be gotten again time.

       and then to kick you in the guts, 


You're sick of the way your supplier peacocks their logo all over your gear, making you more about them than you.

If that's what you're dealing with?  And if that's how you're feeling then you're in pain and we feel bad for you.

Because being a commununity volunteer and social empowerer - that's what you do, is an awesome thing you do, 

Hi I’m John Leslie,

Me and my team, we want the best for you.

So You're The Star of The Show. 

It's simple really. We put you first. Your ideas your logos your design, your sponsors all come first.

On premium garments and balls that are 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

We're most happy supporting you, helping you put it all together. 


john leslie


Here's How We Help People Like You


3. Invite your mates to buy the gear.


2. Confirm your design


3. Make your order

They loved their custom gear.