Malakai Fekitoa low chop tackle rugby skill drill

Malakai Fekitoa is a world class rugby player, his low chop tackle is awesome.

See this fun junior rugby skill drill coaching video and print the coaching card below to see how to coach your junior rugby players how to low chop tackle just like Malakai.

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[After running your Malakai Fekitoa Low Chop Tackle] The difference was amazing. Heads in the right place cheek to cheek, nice and low, arms wrapping around.

Well done on a fantastic Drill. It’s amazing that someone that does what you do for a living shares all this with us for free. Bloody Gold mate!


Brendon Bellamy Director at Tricky Tree Specialist Limited June 29, 2016

Download your coaching card

Coach Like This:

Set up in a triangle formation.Malakai-Coaching-Card-graphic
Coach is to position an upright tackle bag approximately 10 meters away from tackler and ball runner.

On coaches “GO” command, ball runner and the tackler are to run fast towards the tackle bag. On approach the tackler is to sight the ball runner and his goal is to tackle the bag exactly as the ball runner intersects behind the tackle bag.

Chop Tackler Tips:

Sight ball runner on approach. Time your tackle with the ball runner crossing behind the tackle bag. Make sure tacklers head is positioned safely in the cheek on cheek position (tacklers face cheek on ball runners butt cheek) this safley positions the tacklers head behind the body mass of the ball runner. Encourage your tackler to commit to a low chop tackle and to land their shoulder into the tackle bag and to wrap their arms tightly and strongly around the bag on contact and to hold on tight to complete the tackle.

Ball Runner Tips:

Practice sprinting fast with rugby ball in hand.

See the man himself, Malakai Fekitoa chop tackle training with the Highlanders.

This video is from The Pulse Highlanders Facebook page