Junior Rugby Team Coaching Demonstration Tour 2016

I’m taking my successful Junior Rugby Team Coaching demonstration on tour around New Zealand in 2016 and you are invited free of charge to attend, learn and receive hard copy content on how to successfully and easily train a junior rugby team. Each demonstration lasts for 65 minutes and a team of local kids will be trained and put through their paces by myself for your benefit.

See the calendar of tour dates here

Why I Developed the Junior Rugby Coaching Template

After my own professional and international rugby career I thought I would be good at coaching my sons junior rugby team.

Oh no, so wrong I was!  I turned up to his first practice with a head full of rugby training flash backs and not much else. I thought “I know rugby, I’ll do this easy, and how hard can it really be to coach a team of kids?” So with no firm plan and a small amount of kid management skill I set off into coaching a kids rugby team …… and bombed…..terribly.

I knew I could do better.

So from then I worked to create an awesome junior rugby training template to use at my team practices. The template covers the big four components of kids rugby these are, ball running, taking ball into contact and ruck drill, catch and pass and safe strong tackling.

Come and join me live or check this video and I will show you how to Promote kids Fundamental Rugby skills, Make it easy for you to deliver a successful rugby practice and to give your junior rugby players an enjoyable and beneficial rugby experience.

And this is where I will be visiting, you are welcome to join me for this free and highly valuable Junior Rugby Team Coaching Content.

See the calendar of tour dates here

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Hamish Armstrong

Eastborne, NZ

Thanks John for your Rugby Coaching demonstration and content. It’s great that you have transformed your professional skills and experience into a system that is simple and easy to apply to young rugby kids.

Hamish Armstrong March 15, 2016

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Ray Trangmar

Parematta Plimmerton, NZ

In my 8 years of coaching coaching this has been the most informative course I have experienced in terms of how to run a team training and to practice the core skills that are needed for children to learn and become confident rugby players.

Ray Trangmar March 15, 2016