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Grow junior rugby with customised rugby balls.


In 2007 my junior rugby club had a problem

We were low on playing numbers, so low we were struggling to get enough kids to fill our teams and we were often thrashed by the numerically superior opposition. Our players  were not enjoying their rugby experience. To make things worse, we were going backwards, and some of our kids were dropping out of rugby.

Positive change was needed

We agreed that if we got more kids joining our club they would fill our teams and they would bring their families with them, thats what we wanted, that would be cool.

We decided TO GIVE TO RECEIVE. Our give was a customised rugby ball strategy that worked like this:

We would give a new club branded rugby ball to each kid that registered to play rugby for us.  We called this “Ball for All” and marketed it loud and proud.

Wow, what a RESULT! On registration day we had kids lined up outside our club house. They were excited for rugby and to receive their very own, brand new customised rugby ball. We smashed our playing number target. To make this even better, we put some business around our Ball for All offer. Our terms were, pay your registration fee now, and get your ball now. Holy Smoke, we went from usually receiving about 50% of payments on registration day to 97% of all kids paid up.

This was awesome

Because we achieved our goal and we had strong playing numbers for each of our teams.  We also now had cash in the bank and didn’t need to chase up (many) overdue registration fees. Previously a lot of people required money chasing that went on for months… and what a drag that is.

As rugby decision makers and community contributors we want things made easy for us. We are already busy people.

So for You,

I have made a super cool brand new tool that makes it easy and fast for you to design rugby balls with your club logo and colours and with sponsor logos too. you can also receive an official quote and you can even place your orders immediately. You can now do in minutes what used to take hours.

Click this link and you will be designing your own customised rugby balls, fast.


“We received a heaps of positive feedback with our Rahui branded rugby balls, they were a real winner for our club and our community”. – Makaore Wilson, Rahui Rugby


Since 2006 LeslieRugby has delivered over 100,000 branded rugby balls to 100’s of clubs and schools in NZ and around the world to benefit players, coaches, sponsors and community spirit. I’ve traveled to India (the home of rugby ball manufacturing, yes this is true) almost every year since to ensure that the product I deliver perfoms at a world class standard and is grassroots rugby value.

For Grassroots Rugby

 John Leslie

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